Vision 153

We are a Christian-based organisation with a heart for widows and orphans. We strive to “BE THE CHANGE”, to say NO to corruption on every level. We love God and we love our country.  Predomintly a feeding scheme operating between Groutville & Verulam. Feeding ±1498 beneficiaries monthly

what we do

  • We operate as a soup kitchen from a container in Shakashead where approximately 80 orphans are fed meals 2x every week
  • Operate a “medical suite” from the same container where Medical experts can pro-bono their time and expertise to assist the vulnerable who are unable to get to the local clinic facilities for help. We currently partner with Simone Barrett, Stella Shroeder & Kaylee Wills. We are hoping to grow this side of our NPO in 2017
  • We drive a second soup kitchen which feeds about 80 odd street children and elderly people weekly, operating from Tongaat at the Word of Hope Creche
  • We distribute gently used clothing / household items into the community

How the Orphan Fund helps

The Orphan Fund generously provides us with a monthly food voucher to the value of R1000.00 at Lali foods, which we collect and collate into food parcels and distribute into the community.

How you can help

  • The numbers of beneficiaries is always on the rise, food sponsorship not so much. Sourcing more food to meet the demand is of a high priority for us. At the moment we find ourselves turning some people away as we do not have enough food to feed the multitudes, which is very disheartening and sad
  • We need funds to purchase a JoJo tank and pump so we could have clean running water and be able to cook onsite
  • Install a gas burner in the container (currently we cook at home and bring the food to the container to feed to community)
  • Fixed monthly income to meet the monthly expenses – for as little a R1 a day, you can make a very real difference
  • For under R40.00 per day a person can be fed

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