Usizo Kwadukuza

Usizo is an orphan feeding scheme at Shakaville’s United Reformed Church where ± 35-40 0-4 year olds are cared for Monday to Friday from 7am – 3pm and ± 45-50 school children, including orphans, are fed a hot meal Monday to Friday.
Vegetable table garden planted for food security

How the Orphan Fund helps

The Orphan Fund provides provides food vouchers quarterly.

How you can help

  • Building material
  • Funds for food or food itself – to feed more children
  • Second hand clothing, shoes etc.
  • ±5 cots for newborns
  • Kitchen cupboards / locakbale storage / shelves and counters to serve food
  • Washing basins for hands + large basins for washing dishes – basic plumbing and equipment
  • Plumbing in kitchen
  • 3 toilets + 6 toilet seats for toddlers
  • Large cooking pots
  • Need 2 x 1000 litre Jojo tanks

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