Summerhill House

Summerhill House is a children’s home for orphaned and vulnerable children. In addition, Summerhill works to upliftment their community of Etete. Some of their community work includes- Homework Assistance, Feeding during the schools holiday, monthly Church and youth upliftment.

How the Orphan Fund helps

The Orphan Fund provides food vouchers quarterly for 8 families caring for orphaned children.

How you can help

  • Non-perishable foodstuffs (Family in the home)
  • Holiday Feeding Costs – Seasonal: April/July/October & December school holidays
  • Completing House #3 (which is currently at roof height)
  • Landscaping on site and completing the girls playground
  • Set-up of our community centre
  • Helping to add on a store-room and “lean-to” for cooking

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