Safe Haven for Children & Elders

we house between 7 and eleven children, there  are. 7  0rphans   and 5 destitute children, and stay on a permanent basis with us. We also house children from sibling homes who are ill and are unable to look after there brothers or sisters for a period of time, we also feed between 10 and 30 children a day who need a meal, as they are still at school and cannot provide for themselves, we also help with clothing shoes any thing that can help them.

We also have a few aged as they are left alone to try and fend for themselves awful how sick and sad they are.

How the Orphan Fund helps

The Orphan Fund provides funds for food quarterly

How you can help

  • vw microbus (old one)
  • fencing  and 2 gates
  • clothes, food stuff our gas to be refilled

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