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Our Beneficiaries

The North Coast Courier Orphan Fund was set up with the purpose of channeling money raised to non-governmental organisations that specialise in caring for orphans and vulnerable children within the newspaper’s circulation area. 

Practicing Christian Outreach

Practising Christian Outreach Trust collects sell-by-date food from retailers and distributes it to the hungry in rural Ndwedewe which feeds about 280 - 300 people mothers and grandparents with orphans six days a week - each supports families of four to twelve members

St Philips HIV AIDS Ministry And Outreach

St Philips HIV/AIDS Ministry and Outreach is based at St Phillip's Anglican Church and runs a soup kitchen every Wednesday. We offer HIV/AIDS counselling, behaviour change counselling from drug/substance abuse, child protection & child abuse programmes.

Safe Haven for Children & Elders

This is a safe-house/home for orphans & elders. We also operate as a soup kitchen which provides a hot meal daily to between 50 - 80 children and up to 20 elders. We care for children whose parent/s may be ill or unemployed, or an elder sibling is ill (in the case of child-headed households).

Siphiwe Soup Kitchen

We run a creche for ±26 children from either child-headed households or where the parent/s is unemployed and has no safe place to leave their child/children. In addition we care for approx. 9 orphans. We feed ±60 children from the area a hot meal twice per week.

Summerhill House

Summerhill House is a children's home for orphaned and vulnerable children. In addition, Summerhill works to upliftment their community of Etete. Some of their community work includes- Homework Assistance, Feeding during the schools holiday, monthly Church and youth upliftment.

Nkobongo Resource Centre

We care for orphaned & vulnerable children in our community. Approximately 230 orphans orphaned & vulnerable children come to the centre daily after school as well as throughout the school holidays, ranging in age from 2 - 21 years. A further 100 are still at home i.e. 0-4yrs old, but on our books for care/supervision by regular house visits from our Carers.

Usizo Kwadukuza

Usizo is an orphan feeding scheme at Shakaville's United Reformed Church where ± 35-40 0-4 year olds are cared for Monday to Friday from 7am - 3pm and ± 45-50 school children, including orphans, are fed a hot meal Monday to Friday. Vegetable table garden planted for food security

Vision 153

We are a Christian-based organisation with a heart for widows and orphans. We strive to "BE THE CHANGE", to say NO to corruption on every level. We love God and we love our country.  Predomintly a feeding scheme operating between Groutville & Verulam. Feeding ±1498 beneficiaries monthly


We distribute 10 food parcels monthly to needy families in particular Gogo's, single parent homes and child-headed households. We offer lunch, homework supervision, reading and writing skills to ± 75 children 3 days a week. (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).

Smile With Us

We serve breakfast & lunch 5 days a week to school children and vulnerable individuals. We run a Women empowerment course where we teach women to bake bread for sustainability & for food security. Run a phila mtwana site where we give child vaccines.

St Vincent De Paul

We run a Care Centre in Nkobongo where we have a day clinic, a 4-bed Hospice, a safe house and a soup kitchen. We collect sell-by-date food from supermarkets and fruit and vegetable shops which is supplemented by purchases of fresh produce. Adult widows, the indigent and orphans are fed a hot meal twice weekly – every Monday and Wednesday.

Enduduzweni Community Care Centre

Enduduzweni Community Care Centre is a registered and fully compliant Non-Profit organization (NPO) based in KwaDukuza Local Municipality, Melville Area, Ward 24, registered as NPO 060-940 under Act (71 of 1997) and is also registered as a Drop-in Centre (Section 219 of the Children’s Act 38 of 2005).

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