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The North Coast Courier Orphan Fund was set up with the purpose of channeling money raised to non-governmental organisations that specialise in caring for orphans and vulnerable children within the newspaper’s circulation area. 

Through the Fund the community can rest assured that their donations are being appropriately used to alleviate poverty and stem the tide of the orphan crisis. In the 14 years since its launch in July 2003, the Orphan Fund has raised and distributed over R4 Million.

The Orphan Fund is registered as a Non-Profit Organisation (Reg. No.030-070-NPO), a Public Benefit Organisation (Reg. No.930 015 389), and has been approved by the Receiver of Revenue for tax exemption. This means that donors can receive a tax deduction on donations made. The management committee of the Fund includes representatives of the Anglican, Roman Catholic and United Congregational churches as well as the North Coast Courier.

No members of the committee are paid and administration costs are borne by the North Coast Courier newspaper.

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